As a group practice with multiple locations and continued growth, Stonecreek Dental Care would like to recruit high quality Dentists who are intersted in providing quality care to our patients, who strive for clinical excellence, and desire to work in a team oriented environment. Pay and benefits are great and will be customized based off experience, production, and skills. Ownership opportunities are available.

Dear Fellow Dentist,

Hello, I am Dr. Clarke Sanders of Stonecreek Dental Care. I have been a dentist for 34 years and am now transitioning into full time business owner of seven practices and President of the Dental Servicing Organization that operates these businesses.

Some of you have been in dentistry only for a short time and some of you have been in dentistry as long as I have or longer.  However, no matter how long you have been a dentist we can all agree that dentistry is changing.  The growth of corporate dentistry, the increase pressure from insurance companies (they truly think we make too much), the increase in student loan debt, the increase in cost to run a dental practice (overhead increasing) and the threat of more government intervention and their regulations (think HIPPA, OSHA, etc) makes it more challenging to not only be a dentist but to also “run” and own a dental practice.

What we have done to offset these added pressures is to establish an organization whose culture is to create an experience for our team, doctors and patients that is one of fun, friendliness, no drama, timeliness, clinical excellence and profit.  We also have increased buying power from the supply companies and labs.  When we create such a group patients worry less about cost and more about the care they receive and the experience they have at the dental office.

We hire the best team members and the most quality conscious dentists.  Our group provides the support, the marketing, the team, the systems, and only expect the dentist to provide quality care (which includes the dentistry, the treatment of the patient and the team).  What this does is allow the dentist to concentrate on the dentistry, not the business, support themselves and their families and we do the rest.

If this sounds like an organization you would like to be a part of, then we need to talk.  My dental recruiter, Tricia Blevins, would love to talk with you to see if you would be a fit.

Thanks for your time and we are hoping to make this profession even better,

J. Clarke Sanders, DDS