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Are your dentures driving you crazy? Are they uncomfortable, loose, or sometimes even painful? Are you afraid they might even fall out? Dentures are only made to last up to 5 years comfortably. Then the changes in your mouth and jaw make them a lot more difficult to live with. And if you were fitted with a CHEAP set of dentures, they don’t even last that long.

You may ask yourself, “What happens if I don’t replace my dentures?” The reality of worn out dentures can have devastating effects that are often invisible to the denture wearer. Here is a short list of possible harmful side effects:

  • Headaches, ear aches, and joint problems
  • Dietary problems
  • More laborious chewing and more difficulty digestion
  • Softening or irritability of the gums

Here is the good news! A good fitting set of Dentures can:

  • let you eat your favorite foods again
  • give you a new lease on life again
  • allow you to start smiling again
  • give you your self confidence back again
  • improve your speech

If you are having any of these problems, come in and we will give you a free consultation and let you know what your options are (maybe they just need adjusted). Then you can decide how you want to proceed. If your dentures need a checkup, then give us a call. It’s time to smile again!