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Invisalign & Invisalign teen in Columbus Ohio: Clear alternative to Metal Braces

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Having a confident smile can change your life! Invisalign can give you that confident smile without anyone even knowing that you are wearing braces! Today is the day that you take the first step in getting that confident smile you always dreamed of! That is why we will set up a FREE, NO OBLIGATION CONSULTATION for you!

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  • faster treatment time than traditional metal braces
  • less expensive than traditional metal braces
  • more comfortable than traditional metal braces
  • covered by insurance like traditional metal braces
  • easier to clean than traditional metal braces
  • ALL AROUND a better choice than traditional metal braces

We offer

Invisalign-Elite-Preferred-Provider-300x179Dr. Biehle has worked very hard in earning the Elite Preferred Provider with Invisalign. Currently Stonecreek is the only General Dentist office in the state of Ohio that has this honor.

  • FREE Consultation (less than 1 hour)
  • Free exam & x-rays
  • FREE TEETH Whitening upon completion
  • 0% Financing available!

Invisalign is a method of straightening teeth using a series of clear, comfortable and removable clear trays.

Stonecreek Dental Care is one of the few central Ohio Invisalign offices that utilize the latest 3-D computer technology called iTero* that creates a model of your teeth.  This model allows us to see what your teeth currently look like and then with a click of the mouse, we can show you what your teeth will look like with the perfect smile. If you ever thought, “I wish my teeth were straighter,” this is the perfect opportunity to see if Invisalign will work for you. Give us a call and don’t miss out on this FREE, no obligation opportunity. With Invisalign invisible braces you can straighten your teeth without having sharp metal brackets and wires in your mouth. Imagine getting straighter teeth and noone will even know you are wearing braces! Invisalign is a clear (transparent) alternative to braces!

i-tero-invisalign-scannerThe iTero handheld wand takes a digital, 3D image of your prepared teeth, stopping as needed. You can look at the iTero 3D image on the screen in real-time. Now instead of shipping impressions to the lab on the other side of the country to be scanned, the digital image are electronically sent to the lab and is available in the Invisalign Clincheck system the next day. The accuracy and detail of the iTero scan versus a putty impression is kind of like watching HDTV over standard definition TV. These digital scans don’t need to be rescanned so by removing the “clay modeling step” we have greatly improved the accuracy.

Watch Dr. Biehle on the Gale Hogan show accepting her award from Invisalign!