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Children’s Dentist | Oral Health & Dental Care For Kids

We believe it is important for kids to be seen at an early age.  Dr. Patel loves kids and focuses on kids.  It takes a special person to work with kids who are scared, nervous and just don’t want to be there.  Dr. Patel loves working with kids so she makes their first and every visit a great experience.  We believe if kids get used to coming to the dentist they will not be scared as adults.  Did you know that 1/3 of adults in the US are afraid to go to the dentist?  We know how important good oral health is and we want to do our part by making their experience the best it can be!  After your child’s checkup they will get a token and they can take it over to our prize area get a prize.  Then as they leave they can have a freshly baked cookie.  A prize and a cookie – it doesn’t get much better than that!

Committed to teaching and helping

We focus on working with the children in order to create a bond of trust and acceptance that leads to a lifetime of excellent oral health combined with comfortable dental care.

We are geared toward teaching preventive skills.  The emphasis starts with infant tooth care and nutrition then progresses to cavity prevention through on-going home care instruction, and the use of sealants and fluoride.

We can also help children avoid dental injuries by making mouth guards.  Helping children avoid orthodontic problems by using space maintainers and other orthodontic appliances guides the child’s dental growth in a healthy direction.

Our team is committed to ensuring that children have a comfortable, even enjoyable, dental experience.  Many parents are surprised and pleased to see how successful their children are in the dental office when healthcare is adapted to their needs.

Healthy teeth and smiles, coupled with a strong understanding of preventive and home care techniques promotes your child’s self-esteem and confidence as well as establishes a great long-term dental relationship with your child.